Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Modern Appealing Clothing

THE cherry on the top of 2008, the year that the predatory capitalism virus binged itself to death by accidentally killing its host, was dubbed "The Christmas That Nobody Wanted." "I think everyone is finally burned out on 'stuff,'" my uncle Rick said. "People realizing that having 1,300 teddy bears didn't make their life any better."
I could not have said it better and will probably use this quote again taken from, Dress Wordly, Spend Locally in the New York Times.

The article introduces some to a shop in San Francisco named, MAC (Modern Appealing Clothing). I am assuming the title refers to supporting local "mom and pop", in this case brother and sister shops by purchasing timeless, quality and statement driven pieces ("slow fashion") from international icons of design such as Martin Margiela and Jil Sander.

In turn, MAC supports their local community via work with the Creative Growth Art Center, an organization that supports disabled artists.

I'm hoping one day soon there will also be locally or simply US crafted garments they are inclined to support. Maybe ZERO + Maria Cornejo for starts?

Regardless, I love Mr. Ospital's philosophy, his comparison of slow food to slow fashion, crafts person to farmer etc.
"The farmers honor labor. They sell the freshest stuff at its most perfect point in time. Disposable fashion is like fast food! We honor the hands that make clothes. Like 'slow food'? We think of our clothes as 'slow clothes.' We're not fashion victims. You want to find that jacket that is your most perfect tomato, and wear it for 20 years..."

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