Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Hive

Derrick Cruz of Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons curated a most beautiful, intimate pop-up exhibition at Earnest Sewn on Washington St. titled A NEW HIVE. (you will regret not hitting that link and seeing/learning more)

ULURU desinged bags hand stitched by the "worker bees" of Alabama Chanin in addition to hand spun/hand knit alpaca honey comb vests.

A NEW HIVE: by Derrick R. Cruz Opens July 9th in NYC

New York, NY, 20 June 2008 – As part of its ongoing installation series, Earnest Sewn Co. hosts "A NEW HIVE", an installation at their flagship store in the Meatpacking District of New York City in July of 2008. The work takes the current mysterious and alarming en masse disappearance of honeybee colonies as an opportunity to stage a hyperreal environment in which nature and myth return to influence science and industry, causing balance. “The rich folklore and natural history of honeybees inspires an ethereal childlike curiosity in individuals,” said Derrick R. Cruz. “Curiosity leads to contemplation, internalization, and then to genuine concern. I hope A NEW HIVE will help us regain respect for these amazing creatures; after all, almost everything we eat is made possible by bees.”

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