Saturday, May 19, 2007

ULURU to move into 5 in 1

take a look at the my new home, 5 in 1.
ULURU/caroline is the new "5".
norman rabinovich has curated an eclectic group of designers (of various sorts) that make up the 5 in 1 communal workspace as well as a beautiful front of house retail platform.
i had read the refinery 29 review when it came into my inbox. i was intrigued and a bit envious of the 5 in 1 space. it had taken me awhile to get over there until last weekend ap and i took a walk to check it out. the concept of a communal designer space with shared resources and consequently ideas was something ap and i had talked/fantasized about creating with the talented company we keep.
i was a bit overwhelmed with nostalgia upon entrance, as the retail space has antique fixtures and glass cases exactly like the one's my family used at old toll road village. you can see one of the glass cases in the photo to the right. these photos were taken i'm guessing around 1967 after my grandparents had purchased the toll house on "that nice straight road between milwaukee and madison" forever changing the priebe trajectory.

so...i move in at the end of the month. i missed all the grand opening hoopla but am looking forward to all the future permutations/collaborations/celebrations to come!

come visit. 60 North 6th Street (between Kent and Wythe avenues)

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